Why our company values are important!

When choosing our company values we were keen to ensure that we selected the best possible words to represent the essence of our company. Who knew that picking only five little words to represent the values of your company would stretch into a very long list resembling Santa’s nice list (or naughty list!)

In the end the like everything the first five words we all wrote down at the very beginning were the perfect ones for us. Now let me explain what each one means to us and to the way we conduct ourselves and our business.

1. Fulfilment - We provide focused and innovate courses to help all of our customers towards fulfilment in their work and personal lives.

2. Dedication – We are dedicated to helping all of our customers and staff achieve their goal no matter how big or small.

3. Inclusion – We are passionate about making sure everyone is treated as an individual and feel part of the Sinclair Wellbeing family.

4. Progression – Our goal is supporting both our customers and staff to progress in all their goals through training and support.

5. Commitment – We are committed to providing the best support and training we can offer to best benefit our customers and staff.

Our values might only be five little word to some but to us they are what we live and breathe day in day out, to us they represent everything we stand for and how we hope others see us. We are dedicated to helping those we work with achieve and flourish through training and wellness practices, helping overcome barriers or boost confidence to reach their goals and we hope that shines through in everything we do.

We could go on all day about our values but we have other exciting things to do today, if you want to find out any more about what we do get in touch with one of our fab team!

Until next time……

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