Elizabeth, airdrie

I found the course very helpful.  I have learnt a lot.  Getting my confidence and self esteem as well.  Karen the Tutor was more than 100% great.  I will miss her ever so much.  I would love to go on to any other courses that Karen would be running.  She has made me feel really good about myself and she knows how to treat people and understands what my needs are.  I would like to do the next stage as long as Karen was taking the course.  She is the most perfect person

Colin, glasgow

Friendly group.  Encouraged to learn at own pace.  Tutor always on hand to help and praise but never talked down to any student.  Everyone enjoyed the course.  Highly recommend

dug, glasgow

I enjoyed learning how to use computers, and Karen and Mark were very helpful.  I feel very happy that I done this course

francis, glasgow

It was a good course, made better with the help of our tutor Karen

Jo, Shettleston

Tutor was amazing, course content was very relevant to me.  I enjoyed the wellbeing and also the updating of my CV with new information