Meet The Team


Mark Sinclair


Meet Mark. Director of Sinclair Wellbeing. He’s the mind behind the magic and the core of our team. His passion for people has been the driving force of our organisation and the reason we all get to do what we love. Happiest in a class room with our participants or, come close of play, in his studio making music.


Sara Kytzia

Training Manager

Meet Sara, our training manager. When not knee deep in resources, supporting our team or in delivery,  Sara can be found on the beach scavenging for Seaglass. We’re not sure which she loves more; probably Seaglass. But we’d be a bit lost without her and her passion for this industry. 


Lisa Roxburgh

Training Coordinator

Meet Lisa. Our training coordinator and the heart beat of our organisation. Lisa’s commitment and fierce organisation keeps us ticking over smoothly. Equally handy with a paintbrush, Lisa is our very own Mrs Hinch and our go to woman for everything Sinclair. 


Ashleigh Gilmour

HR and Finance Manager

Meet Ash, our HR and finance manager. Ash has been with us since the early days and has been dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s like a pro for us since then. She’s a busy woman and in high demand so we’re delighted and grateful she’s stuck with us through thick and thin! 

Meet Kerry. Our Scottish Super Trouper. When she’s not bringing out the very best in our participants she can be found as 1/4 of an ABBA tribute band. With her infectious energy and dynamic training style, she’s an absolute asset to the team. 

Meet Rob. Always ready with a wealth of knowledge and a terrible joke*. Robs been all over the UK delivering for Sinclair - and his sterling feedback and retention rates speak for themselves!! You can tell he’s a drummer - steady, dynamic and oabsolutely crucial to our team. 

Meet Hannah. Hannah is sunshine in your pocket. We guarantee you she’ll brighten your day. A real commitment and capability at inspiring our youth - but brilliant in our classrooms whatever the age range. Her usual sidekick is her chihuahua  Coco- which we’ve now all met thanks to Zoom. 

Meet Karen - one of our longest standing and most respected team members. Gentle, humble, warm and nurturing - Karen sees the best and brings the very best out in all of our participants. Couple that with a wealth of personal and professional experience - this Sinclair superstar talks the talk and walks the walk. 


Kerry Burley



Robert McGlone



Hannah Murphy


Hannah Murphy



Karen Timoney



Meet Mark 2.0. England based, Mark has his very own brand of chill - we’ve coined him our Sinclair ‘Jay Shetty’. Mark brings with him a wealth of experience and a real desire to make a difference. With a life long commitment to learning Marks the perfect mentor on how to keep moving forward in our lives. 

Meet Kelvin. He tells us he’s welsh. We don’t believe him! He’s our Northern Soul self-starter- full of life, enthusiasm and just the right level of cheek. His life experiences and ways he’s reinvented himself to overcome labour market challenges, is of great inspiration to our team and our participants! 

Meet Mihaela - our life coach and expert in all things personal development. Like a good cup of coffee she’s an instant perk up and positive energy we’ve been known to lean on. Bright, brilliant and focused on the individual, Mihaela’s been creating meaningful change since she came on board with Sinclair. 

Meet Sharan. Our Canadian lovely and one of our newest team mates - Sharan just shines. Emanating compassion and strength, Sharan knows who she is and what she brings to the table. We are excited to see Sharan bring her years of expertise and experience to Sinclair- in particular her knowledge of working with those with additional support needs. Watch this space ...


Mark Stephens



Kelvin Brierley



Mihaela Moldoveneu



Sharan Rakhra



Victoria Maclean


Helena Waldron


Meet Victoria - Tori to her pals. You know that saying “a safe pair of hands” ? Well that’s exactly what Tori is. Enthusiastic, hardworking and immensely thorough, Tori’s professionalism and expertise were apparent from day 1 with Sinclair and consistent with everything she does! Total star!

Meet Helena.  Full time business owner, dog lover and Sinclair trainer, Helena is our first class multi-tasker; running a successful cafe whilst regularly delivering the goods for us. Straight shooting, with a knack for simplifying processes and clear communication - Helena will tell you exactly how it is, help you understand it, then ensure you’re on your way to get it!