Risk at Work

Minimising risk within your workplace is essential to ensuring your staff and business are protected, it is important to ensure that all of your staff have the knowledge to undertake their role in the safest way possible.

An increasing number of employers are opting for online risk assessment training for their staff however we believe that the most valuable and long lasting way to engage your staff is by undertaking the training with a tutor who is able to explain and answer any questions that arise throughout the course.

Our risk assessment training course can be easily slotted into the flow of your business day as it is approximately 3 hours in duration. We will teach your staff to understand workplace risks and hazards and the best practise in dealing with these.

There are lots of reasons to undertake risk assessment training within your organisation, we have included some facts and figures to help you understand the importance of investing in risk assessment training.

  • There were 147 fatal injuries within the workplace last year, in that same time period there were 581,000 self-reported non-fatal injuries and 69,208 which were reported by employers.

  • 29% of non-fatal accidents within the workplace (as reported by employers) are due to slips, trips and falls with 20% being caused by handling, lifting or carrying.

  • £54.5 Million in fines were issues to duty holders found guilty of health and safety offences with an average fine sitting at £150,000.

Speak to us about keeping your staff safe at work.

The Sinclair Wellbeing Team!

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