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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

It’s time to meet our amazing tutors who stop at nothing to ensure that every single person who attends our courses benefits from it. If passion could be bottled we would be billionaires!

Enough of the compliments or I will be in trouble, let’s meet some of our Tutors….

Judith Eck - Judith has a varied range in experience dealing in both the public and private sectors, developing and delivering bespoke solutions to meet the needs of individual, small and medium sized businesses. Judith is focused on people, engaging and encouraging teams to take ownership of their own development, working with individuals at all stages of their career path to help them realise their work-related goals. She is a firm believer that building a person’s confidence and sense of self-worth is the key to them achieving their potential.

Linda Watt - Linda has a Post Graduate in Career Guidance and over 24 years’ experience in employability and community education giving her the knowledge and expertise to not only deliver but develop a suite of empowering, informative and educational courses for Sinclair Wellbeing and Training Solutions. Linda is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking which hugely benefits every single client who attends one of Linda’s course.

Robert McGlone - Robert is a highly experienced trainer with over 15 years working within the employability sector. Robert has worked on various DWP Contracts including SDS Employability fund. He has also been involved in delivery of mindset training for Dundee City Council as well as SQA modules in customer care and hospitality. Robert cut his teeth as a project co ordinator running personal development programmes in London with Street League and the Princes Trust.

Marjorie Walters - Marjorie is a qualified teacher with a Certificate in Teaching and Supporting Learning. Marjorie has over 20 years’ experience, supporting vocational learning, personal development, and pastoral care, through coaching and training, within an array of sectors, both in the UK and abroad. Marjorie mission is to motivate, encourage and inspire, she is passionate about facilitating personal development and training to help clients reach their full potential.

Paul Reilly - For almost 30 years Paul has worked in both the public and private sectors but always with the aim of helping people wherever possible, whether it be in business development, employability or criminal justice. Paul’s greatest motivation and source of personal and professional satisfaction is helping people to realise their potential and develop techniques and mindsets to achieve their goals.

Karen Timoney - A former lecturer in Community Education and flexible learning and development Officer for Adult Literacy and Numeracy along with BIH Diploma in Hypnotherapy and NLP. Over the last 20 years Karen has gained vast experience both in the private and public sector, giving her great insight into the multiple barriers individuals face through a variety of complex needs. Karen is a firm believer that with the right support, encouragement and mind-set everyone has the ability to access to further Education, Training and Employment opportunities through the use of creative, innovative and dynamic approaches.

The knowledge and passion we have within our amazing team is what makes our courses so beneficial to our clients and we hope you agree.

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