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Why we love our jobs!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Jobs come in all shapes in sizes but at Sinclair Wellbeing we think ours is pretty great (biased we know) but helping people reach their potential and giving them the tools and skills to deal with moments of difficulty in their lives can’t really be topped!

We each have our own reasons why we are passionate about our job and we would love to share them with you, here are some of the Sinclair Wellbeing teams!

Linda Watt (Tutor) - I love the passion within the team and how that translates into everything we do, I also love being able to share knowledge and experiences to keep everything we do relevant and beneficial to our amazing clients.

Mark Sinclair (Director) - I love my job as I get to work with a wide variety of people by helping them to realise their inner potential, and it’s fantastic to plant those seeds and see people grow and develop within the duration of our programmes. It is one of the most rewarding feelings I could possibly have, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Judith Eck (Tutor) - It’s all about the people and challenging perceptions for me! I love meeting people, hearing their stories, helping them rebuild self-confidence and self-belief and encourage them to re-invent themselves by focusing on the positives. We do lots of team-building and self-awareness during the sessions: finding out what we’re good at, being honest about what we can improve on, being realistic about whether barriers are immovable or imagined, dreaming big, goal-setting and creating action plans that help us always move forward. Seeing a group begin to trust each other, seeing them bond and share experiences and beginning to help each other is one of the best bits of the job, and an absolute privilege. I learn from each and every delegate – we start the courses with 12 nervous individuals and finish with a network of people who “can do” and “will do” and that’s a good day at work for me!

Rachael McConnell (Business Development Manager) - Having newly joined the Sinclair Wellbeing team I have been amazed at the genuine devotion of the team to the enhancement and growth of the clients they work with. I love being part of a team so passionate about what they do and with a keen interest in expanding their knowledge through the newest training ideals. Being part of making peoples personal/work lives better really is something special.

Karen Timoney (Tutor) - My role at Sinclair Wellbeing and Training has given me a creative and diverse opportunity to reach out to individuals’ and encouraging them to see their own talents and unlock their full potential. I love to incorporate a learner led approach to encourage individuals’ to take ownership of their own learning and life journey, seeing them build the confidence to help themselves is makes it worthwhile.

We know that all jobs have their ups and downs, no job is perfect however finding that passion and being able see that in the job you do day in and day out makes the biggest difference. We strive to offer solutions to help people into work as well as make workplaces a better place. We hope that we can get to know some of you a little better as our journey continues.

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