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Starting back at school after the Covid-19 pandemic might be a worrying time for both staff and pupils. At Sinclair Wellbeing and Training Solutions Ltd, we are here to help. We have a wealth of experience in delivering Health and Wellbeing support to the most vulnerable throughout the UK. Since 2018 we have earned an excellent reputation as one of the top 20 suppliers in the UK for the Department of Work and Pensions, delivering successful programmes all over the UK, helping hundreds to progress towards their goals and aspirations.

We now have the capacity and capability to offer a Counselling and Wellbeing Coaching service in education establishments. We are pleased to announce that Anna Wrangham (MBACP) has now joined our Team. Anna has been a qualified therapeutic counsellor since 2012, has worked in schools and is experienced in setting up and running successful school counselling services working with young people and adults towards positive therapeutic outcomes.

Anna is a member of the BACP and has a passion for empowering young people to build their own toolbox for emotional wellbeing.

"I believe that allowing young people the space to explore their thoughts and feelings in a calm and non-judgemental environment, without pressure and with unconditional positive regard can have such a positive impact on the young persons self esteem and emotional wellbeing".

"A service that could offer support to pupils, staff and families with a holistic approach could surround that young person with the long term emotional support they need".

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